Ailsa Abraham

Ailsa Abraham is an “only-slightly” bonkers old lady who lives in France.

Early in her life she travelled on oil tankers with her ex-husband which gave her a taste for seeing the world. So now she rumbles around Europe in a very beat-up van and says you don’t have to speak many languages as long as you smile at everyone. So far this has worked.

She used to be a survival instructor in the Royal Air Force but says she doesn’t think she can remember any of her unarmed combat training (but you are advised not to test this theory out, just in case she can!).

She has a deformed spine and is bipolar which means that she can’t work any more (yes, she really is very unhappy about that because now she can do what she likes best – write stories!). The back problem means she can no longer ride horses which is a shame but she can still zoom around the countryside on one of her three motorbikes which is a blessing. She’s known as “Hell’s Granny” amongst the local kids.

Her novel “Shaman’s Drum” is scheduled for release by Crooked Cat Publishing in December 2012 and the prequel is a work in progress. If you liked Steve in Steve’s Revenge, you’ll love Riga, the girl who gives the word “feisty” a bad name.

You can connect with Ailsa Abraham on her website and Twitter.

Ailsa’s story “Steve’s Revenge” is available through Visibility Fiction.