J.M. Blackman

J.M. Blackman is a teacher and a writer. She’s a little off her rocker and enjoys a variety of stories, as long as they have a bit of madness.  This ranges from YA Fantasy to adult Fantasy and Science Fiction and the many genres that slip between. As long as its speculative. She likes to find stories that offer a different point of view, whether that’s on a certain topic or trope or if it’s in the characters themselves.

Jalisa’s own writing is pretty much the same. She is currently work shopping an Urban Fantasy tale about a kick-ass werewolf with Gina Panettieri at Talcott Notch. Jalisa is happily married to an awesome man named Jon. They have a dog named Harley Quinn and a cat named Ororo. She love slushies, jalapeño poppers and comics. And she’s a huge Batman fan.

You can connect with J.M. Blackman on her blog, Twitter and Goodreads.

J.M. Blackman’s article, “What the “M” Word Means to Me” is currently featured on the Visibility Fiction blog.