International Book Giving Day!

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The Valentine’s Day buzz has begun. Shops are filled with chocolate, roses, and strange, stuffed toy hearts with arms. I’m slightly confused by the latter, but I’m a definite fan of chocolate and any excuse to eat it.

This February 14th, however, I’m putting aside my chocoholic ways. After all, my true love wants no sweets, roses, or freaky anthropomorphic hearts! Because, you see, my true love is BOOKS!

So to celebrate our undying affection, this February 14th me and my books will be celebrating International Book Giving Day!


International Book Giving Day is a volunteer initiative aimed at increasing children’s access to and enthusiasm for books. International Book Giving Day’s focus is on encouraging people worldwide to give a book to a child on February 14th.

I’ve already purchased one of my favourite stories, “The Paper Bag Princess” by Robert N. Munsch and Michael Martchenko, for my sister. But since my sister isn’t strictly a child (insomuch as she is an adult), I am also ordering “The Family Book“, by Todd Parr, for her Prep Class (but shhhh! It’s a secret!).

I know we are usually focused on Young Adult fiction round here, but for International Book Giving Day let’s celebrate some Kid Lit!

What were your favourite stories growing up? Do you have any favourite children’s books that are inclusive or that celebrate diversity and difference?

(If you’re yet to have discovered the magic of Todd Parr, you must check out his stories, which are all about feeling good and being happy. My favourites include “The Family Book“, which celebrates family in all its forms, and “It’s Okay to Be Different” which celebrates… being different! His website is a lot of fun too.)

The Family Book


Holly Kench
Visibility Fiction



  1. The paper bag princess is one of my all time favourite books – I rave aboout it to people with young children All. the. time.

    Becuase it is that awesome.

    • It really is! 😀

  2. More Paper Bag Princess love here!

    I’m having trouble remembering my favourites from when I was really young, my head is full of the stuff I’ve loved reading to my own kids instead! Lynley Dodd’s books, especially Slinky Malinki, Alison Lester’s Magic Beach, Jackie French’s Diary of a Wombat, Bob Graham’s Let’s Get a Pup! and lots of others. I still have the urge to buy picture books even though my youngest is now 11.

    • Oh yes! Great list. I love lots of those too! Alison Lester has a lot of good stories in particular. Picture books are such a treasure. I think adults need to read more of them!

      “The Paper Bag Princess” is such a classic, but I do wonder whether it is getting QUITE enough love these days. I give it to all the little people I know. 😉

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