More Inclusive Fiction:

Looking for more diverse fiction? Check out these sites:

The Diversity in YA blog is a great place to find the latest releases in diverse YA.

Over at The Gay YA you can find “The Ultimate Gay Reading List” of young adult novels with LGBTQ characters.

Looking for characters with disability? Check out the Disability in Kidlit blog. (despite it’s name, it’s mostly YA!)

Writing Related Links:

Listed below are some articles worth reading if you are considering writing about characters from marginalised groups. They are not guidelines, rather a collection of suggestions and ideas to get you thinking.

“10 Things Fiction Writers Need to Remember About Disability”, from Diary of a Goldfish, is ESSENTIAL reading for anyone writing a character with any disability, but it is recommended reading for everyone. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

“Writing the Other”, from This Ain’t Livin’, discusses how to go about writing minority characters, even if you aren’t part of that minority, and how this can be an important endeavour.

“Acknowledging Difference Without Othering” by Chally Kacelnik is not specifically about writing, but touches on some important aspects of how to approach the concept of difference.

“Minority Report”, by J.M Blackman, is a collection of interviews with authors about minority and mixed raced characters in fiction.

“Disability in Fiction – A Load of Lovely Links”, from Diary of a Goldfish, a list of even more fabulous resources about the fictional representation of people with disabilities.

Malinda Lo also has writing advice on her blog, including thoughtful pieces about writing minority characters, such as “Write from the gut, not from fear of prejudice” and “Writing about lesbians when you’re not a lesbian“, in which she urges authors to write without fear.

For Teen Writers:

If you are a teen writer, or are interested in teen writing, check out the blog “Teens Can Write Too!”

More about identity:

“On Identifying Identities” – Chally talks about identifying identities in the real world.


If there are any other resources you think are worth listing, please let us know in the comments!

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