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Rider by Joyce Chng

Li-Fang has a way with nature. So she is sent against her will to train as an Agri-Seer, though she dreams one day of joining the Rider Corps like her sister Lixi. Partnered with an arrogant Rider, Daniel Kelso, Lifang must forget the wild Hunter Quetz she met by a hidden waterfall near her home, and accept who she is.

Until, that is, a wild Quetz is captured. Lifang discovers she can communicate with the creature, a skill no Rider has ever demonstrated, and must now confront her destiny all over again. Will going against convention be worth the cost?


I started writing Rider, the first book of The Rider Trilogy, inspired by the sheer beauty of a pterosaur soaring in the skies.  It was an image I would go back, work on and draw inspiration from it. Later, I expanded it as a Nanowrimo project, encouraging myself to write a novel.

Then, when Rider was done, I embarked on the sequel Speaker, followed by Chaser, the last book. My test reader was my then-nine year old daughter who inhaled all three manuscripts and wanted more.

I first test-ran Rider on Smashwords. Comments were encouraging. It reminded readers of Pern. But it’s not Pern fan fiction – it is more than that: I wanted to see human colonists grappling with issues like colonization on a desert planet terra-formed to suit their needs. The planet, however, is fighting back, inch by inch, desert by desert.  This planet is hostile and the humans retreated to domes and small farms. A bit like Dune, but seen through the eyes of a teenager. Some said it was an eco-feminist novel: I am certainly influenced by environmental issues.

I also wanted to feature a protagonist who would resonate with me. Lifang is ethnic Chinese. I often wanted to see how my people would turn out in the future. Would their language change? How would they adapt to a new environment? Are they still going to celebrate their festivals, even if they are not on Earth anymore?

Lifang is also queer, an identity that resonates with me as well.

With all these in mind, I plucked up enough courage and submitted to Math Paper Press. Kenny Leck, the publisher, loved it.

I will be launching Rider and Speaker on the 12th of December at Books Actually, an independent book store in Singapore.


If you are curious and interested, you can purchase the books on Amazon, and Gumroad.

The Rider Trilogy: http://awolfstale.wordpress.com/the-rider-trilogy-ya-sf/


Joyce Chng lives in Singapore. Her website is A Wolf’s Tale.  Chaser, the third book, will be published in 2014.

You can also read Joyce Chng’s story “A Sky Full of Swiftlets” for free on the Visibility Fiction website.


  1. Hi girls!

    Joyce, congratulations! How awesome to have a publisher pick up your series! I love how you blend so many elements into your short stories, so I look forward to reading a longer novel by you.

    I’ll definitely grab a copy and help promote it. Good luck with the release!

    • Thank you, Kelly! 🙂


  1. So, I wrote about Rider on Visibility Fiction | A Wolf's Tale - […] … where I talked about Rider, its inspiration and influences. […]

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