Seeking Book Reviews.

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In the lead up to the release of our second Visibility Fiction story, the VisFic Blog has become somewhat neglected. You’ll be pleased to know we have a few guest posts on the way, but what we’d really love to see are some more reviews of relevant inclusive, young adult fiction (or any related texts). While diversity is certainly lacking in our literature, there are a few notable inclusive stories that have gained some popular visibility, and if you dig around (and it really is worth the effort) there are more than you might imagine. We want to spread the word about these stories, as well as open up discussions about which of these work, and even those that don’t. We want to provide a place where people can find reviews of stories with more interesting and diverse characters. More importantly, we want to know your thoughts on any inclusive stories you’ve read.

So if you have a review of a story with a protagonist from a minority background (or are interested in writing one) for publication on the VisFic Blog, email info [at] visibilityfiction [dot] com . Reprints from your own blog or Goodreads account are welcome.


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