Swiftlet’s Honor by Joyce Chng

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Joyce Chng has released a new novella, Swiftlet’s Honor!

Swiftlet's Honor

Swiftlet’s Honor takes place in the “Two-Headed” universe, and continues the story of Bei, the heroine of Joyce Chng’s Visibility Fiction story, “A Sky Full of Swiftlets“, as she fights for her homeworld.

Check out an excerpt below:

The Two-Headed attacked. I screamed, a rush of hate and shock bursting in my body, and hurled myself at them. I wanted to draw blood. I hated them so much.

“Eat mud!” I shrieked the worst insult at them. Mud was not food. Mud was only given to animals. The Two-Headed warriors had red eyes. One reached out a shining hand to stop my nif-dagger. The hand thudded into my throat and squeezed. I choked, sobbed and kicked at the horse face frantically. I was fast losing air and my vision was turning dark, very dark. With a last effort, I stabbed the dagger into the Two-Headed’s eye. It squinted red blood, so red and so dark. Some splashed onto my body.

It dropped me and I tumbled, rolled away, scrambling to my feet in a combat stance. The Two-Headed snarled, its eye streaming blood. Now its friend stood beside it, raising a shining stick that I knew would bark out light and fire.

“Come and get me,” I challenged. “Are you scared?”

The one with the bleeding blind eye shouted something at me. A honking squawk. This time, the shining stick spoke and the earth I was standing on exploded. I flew, I really flew. But when I fell, my bones cracked and I hurt. I tried to get up, but – oh ahma! – my strength seemed to have fled. I had no energy left!

Swiftlet’s Honor is available in print at Lulu, at Wattpad, and as a PDF.


Joyce ChngBorn in Singapore but a global citizen, Joyce Chng writes mainly science fiction (SFF) and YA fiction. She likes steampunk and tales of transformation/transfiguration. Her fiction has appeared in Crossed Genres, Semaphore Magazine, Bards and Sages Quarterly and Everyday Fiction.

You can connect with Joyce Chng on Twitter and find more about her work on her website, A Wolf’s Tale.

Joyce Chng’s article, “We Are Here! What Can We Do?” is currently featured on the Visibility Fiction blog.

Joyce’s story, “A Sky Full of Swiftlets” is available through Visibility Fiction.


  1. Congratulations Joyce! I’d really like to read this one 😀

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