What happened to Bei? A follow up to A Sky Full of Swiftlets by Joyce Chng

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Joyce Chng has kindly written a little follow up to her story, A Sky Full of Swiftlets, a story of the warrior Bei.




A Sequel to A Sky Full of Swiftlets

I ran up the small mound, nif dagger in my hand. I could hear them. I could smell them. Two-Headed warriors. I hefted the dagger, testing its weight, feeling reassured, comforted. It was a gift from Father, blessed by Jadeen my mentor. It had tasted blood. It would taste blood again.

Revulsion, red-hot, foul like vomit, clenched my stomach. Two-Headed confounded me. Heads of horses and not one, but two on a body – how could they even think? But they did, after some obscure fashion.

I was now sixteen. My mane had been shorn and remained shorn as my personal promise. I had come of age, my upper canines sharpened. If I had stayed at the village, I would have a new name to mark my adulthood. I would also have a feast held in my honor. I was a Hider, but I would not hide anymore. I was Bei. I had been Bei.

I was now Nashot.

Swiftlet Caves. Swiftlets.

Now it was my new self, my new name, my new identity. I fought for them.

I fought for myself.

Day of plenty –
Listen to ahma making the buns
Listen to her sing.
Watch the saleet gold in the sunrise.
I am home, ahma.
I am home, ahda.
I am home.

With a growl rattling from my throat glands, I stalked my prey. May I be as swift as the ones who dwelled in the caves.


About the Author:

A Sky Full of SwiftletssmallBorn in Singapore but a global citizen, Joyce Chng writes mainly science fiction and YA fiction. She likes steampunk and tales of transformation/transfiguration. Her YA science fiction trilogy will be published by a Singapore publisher, Books Actually.

Her books are available at Smashwords and Lyrical Press.

A Sky Full of Swiftlets:

Haven’t read A Sky Full of Swiftlets? You can read it right online, or download it to your device.

It is the New Year and fourteen year old Bei must fight to protect more than her village.

Read A Sky Full of Swiftlets


  1. Nice piece, Joyce! I loved ‘A Sky Full of Swiftlets’ and still feel you could write a novel from it. 😀

    • Thank you so much. 🙂

      Mmm. Still thinking/pondering about a potential novel. Hehe.

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